What Happened This Week

Some but far from all of the highlights from the week of 12/4/16

Russian Meddling In US,  German and other Europe Countries Elections

Obama and Senators call for review.

Germany Chancellor Merkel calls for reviews of German elections.

Europe concerns rise.

Trump’s response slams the CIA.

Possible Sec. of State has strong ties to Russia

Trump Transition

Cabinet picks continue.

Military appointments are higher than normal. 

Retired General Flynn, National Security Advisor for Trump, controversy over fake news continues.

Senate Republicans announce Senator Jeff Session’s confirmation hearings for Attorney General will be held January 10 and 11.

Economy and Jobs

Jobless claims fell by 10K.

Stock market continues the “Trump Rally”

Trump announces jobs from Carrier, SoftBank, Dow Chemical and Ford

Science and Health

Progress was announced on stopping cancer from metastasizing or spreading to through the body.