No Mandate for Trump

I’ve been resisting writing this for days but since there seems to be such mass confusion, here goes:

Trump lost the the popular vote by almost 3 million votes but will be our President because of the Electoral College.  

Whether you think this distinction matters very much depends on if you voted for Trump or not. And it does seem to bother Trump and his supporters, a lot. They claim often and loudly that the victory was a landslide and historic.  Trump’s victory is historic in one way, he lost the popular vote by the greatest amount in US History but still managed to win the Electoral College.  Margin wise he only has the 3rd worse record.

Why the heck would Trump be so concerned about this, he won by the rules set up in the Constitution right?  It has to do with a little seven letter word, M A N D A T E.  And Trump desperately wants the country to think he has one.

Sorry but no mandate for you Mr. Trump.  But you do get a pretty cool house, and to be POTUS and the Leader of the Free World for four years.  Why isn’t that enough?