Obamacare – What is it?

Americans are about to be dragged through a debate about Obamacare as the new Trump Administration prepares to “repeal and replace” it.  It’s a debate that most Americans are really not ready to have because 6 years after the law passed, many aren’t really sure what Obamacare is.

This hit home for me a few weeks ago as I was speaking with a Republican friend. My friend said he thought Obamacare needed to be replaced with something that required everyone to have insurance. I was shocked and left wondering how in the world my very educated friend did not realize he just said he wanted to replace Obamacare with something that is essentially Obamacare.

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Taking Trump Seriously vs Literally


Update: Spicer settles the argument take Trump literally.”I don’t know how else you would take him”

The discussion from MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday on taking PE Trump seriously versus literally, infuriated me.  Joe’s sidekick Mika bemoaned the fact that political pundits missed how Trump voters were “feeling” and because pundits took Trump literally they missed his impending victory.

Mika may not be wrong but how voters reacted to Donald Trump certainly isn’t new.  What is disappointing is that journalists and pundits like Mika missed it and are feigning ignorance so they can pretend innocence. Continue reading “Taking Trump Seriously vs Literally”

No Mandate for Trump

I’ve been resisting writing this for days but since there seems to be such mass confusion, here goes:

Trump lost the the popular vote by almost 3 million votes but will be our President because of the Electoral College.   Continue reading “No Mandate for Trump”

What Happened Last Week

Some but far from all of the highlights from the week of 12/11/16 Continue reading “What Happened Last Week”

Russians Attempt To Tilt US Election

The CIA is confident that Russians attempted to interfere with the US Presidential election according to undisclosed sources.  Additionally, they have allegedly determined that at some point the culprits decided they wanted to help Donald Trump.  Trump and his transition team’s immediate response was to undermine the CIA and demand that evidence be provided that the Russians’ interference impacted the outcome of the election. Continue reading “Russians Attempt To Tilt US Election”