No, Obama Is Not Alone In Continuing Public Life

Former President Obama’s eternal critics are losing it, again. See Obama is daring to stay politically active. The critics assert Obama is breaking with precedent. They’ll tell you all former Presidents leave public life after office.

To bad the eternal critics have not learned how to use Google and educate themselves. If they did they would discover they are completely WRONG. Continue reading “No, Obama Is Not Alone In Continuing Public Life”

Putin’s Puppet – Delegitimizing Trump

Yesterday, one of the many political talking heads asked if there was a story line emerging on the left to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency.  You know something similar to Obama’s birth certificate that could be used to whip up a frenzy of Trump opposition.

Shockingly no one gave the obvious, blaring, glaring answer – Putin’s Puppet.

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Obamacare – How It Is Failing

We’ve looked at what Obamacare is and who is currently benefiting. Now how is Obamacare Failing.

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Santa Was Turkish?

Blowing many a western mind, Santa Claus was in fact Turkish.  Santa, the son of a rich man,  did help the poor especially children by throwing gifts of gold down the chimney and through windows.  

What Happened Last Week

Some but far from all of the highlights from the week of 12/11/16 Continue reading “What Happened Last Week”

Food Banks Need Money Not Canned Goods

What we should know about efficient donations to food banks:  Money is better!


1.  Easier to transport

2.  Food banks can use your money to buy in bulk which is cheaper and they get more.

3.  Food banks can use your money to buy healthy items that are actually needed.

4.  Its way easier for you.

Here’s a link to a more detailed story.

Happy Holidays!

Are We Going To Die Sooner?

American life expectancy ticked down by .1 years in the last quarter.   It may not sound like much but how many of us would voluntarily give up 1 month and 14 days of our lives?  Probably not many.

What we should know before panicking: Continue reading “Are We Going To Die Sooner?”

Santa Helps A Dying Boy

It’s not often that Santa gets called to fill a dying child’s wish.  This Santa filled the wish and then some, he held the child as he died.  Bless Santa (Eric Schmidt-Matzen) for all he did for this child and finding the courage to continue being Santa.


Russians Attempt To Tilt US Election

The CIA is confident that Russians attempted to interfere with the US Presidential election according to undisclosed sources.  Additionally, they have allegedly determined that at some point the culprits decided they wanted to help Donald Trump.  Trump and his transition team’s immediate response was to undermine the CIA and demand that evidence be provided that the Russians’ interference impacted the outcome of the election. Continue reading “Russians Attempt To Tilt US Election”