Anti Vaxers & The Anti-Science Myths That Will Harm Us

Until recently I had written off “the anti-vaxxers” as alarmists. A few years back I watched Jenny McCarthy eloquently present her case that vaccines caused her son’s autism. As a parent, I needed to know if there was any scientific foundation for her fear that a routine immunization caused her son’s autism.

A quick Google search led me to copious amounts of data that debunked her fears(here is a good quick fact sheet by the World Health Organization). Still curious, I talked to my kids’ pediatrician. He was annoyed at the attention talk shows and the news media were giving McCarthy and others that shared her views. He reassured me vaccinations were not only safe but prevented life threatening childhood diseases. Continue reading “Anti Vaxers & The Anti-Science Myths That Will Harm Us”

Obamacare – How It Is Failing

We’ve looked at what Obamacare is and who is currently benefiting. Now how is Obamacare Failing.

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Obamacare – Who Benefits?

This is the second in a series on Obamacare.  The first, Obamacare – What Is It? can be found here. This installment goes over who is benefiting currently under Obamacare.

You may wonder, isn’t the answer obviously Americans that didn’t have health insurance before Obamacare took effect in 2013? Of course that is true but Obamacare is benefiting many more people and institutions. We’ll start with the obvious answer and run through some of the beneficiaries of Obamacare that aren’t as well known.

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Obamacare – What is it?

Americans are about to be dragged through a debate about Obamacare as the new Trump Administration prepares to “repeal and replace” it.  It’s a debate that most Americans are really not ready to have because 6 years after the law passed, many aren’t really sure what Obamacare is.

This hit home for me a few weeks ago as I was speaking with a Republican friend. My friend said he thought Obamacare needed to be replaced with something that required everyone to have insurance. I was shocked and left wondering how in the world my very educated friend did not realize he just said he wanted to replace Obamacare with something that is essentially Obamacare.

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How Fat Fuels Cancer

Scientists have known for awhile that if a healthy cell, say from your eye, breaks off and tries to move around the body, it self destructs.  So why can some cancer cells break off a tumor and move through the body and spread cancer in its wake? Continue reading “How Fat Fuels Cancer”