Russians Attempt To Tilt US Election

The CIA is confident that Russians attempted to interfere with the US Presidential election according to undisclosed sources.  Additionally, they have allegedly determined that at some point the culprits decided they wanted to help Donald Trump.  Trump and his transition team’s immediate response was to undermine the CIA and demand that evidence be provided that the Russians’ interference impacted the outcome of the election.

The impact on the election is not the point and it could never be proven anyway.  The question is: Since when did it become acceptable for Russians or any other foreign actor, sponsored by their government or not, to hack into the private files of American charities, private companies, political parties or its citizens?  The Answer:  It Is Not and Never Will Be.

To preserve the trust of the American people and the integrity of our elections, we must know what happened, if anything, who did it, were the hackers acting on behalf of the Russian Government and what we can do to combat this next time.

It goes without saying, that if US Intelligence can identify the hackers, the hackers must stand trial in the US for any crimes they may have committed.  The Russian government should be expected to give their full cooperation.

Despite, PE Trump’s insistence there is nothing to this story,  there has been a bi-partisan call for investigations by Senators McCain, Graham, Schumer and Reed(jack not harry).  Here’s the House switchboard number if you would like to call and support this investigation:(202) 224-3121.

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