No, Obama Is Not Alone In Continuing Public Life

Former President Obama’s eternal critics are losing it, again. See Obama is daring to stay politically active. The critics assert Obama is breaking with precedent. They’ll tell you all former Presidents leave public life after office.

To bad the eternal critics have not learned how to use Google and educate themselves. If they did they would discover they are completely WRONG.

First, the US Constitution does not require former Presidents to sit down and shut-up. Former Presidents enjoy the same rights we all do. They can say whatever they want, run for elected office (except President of course) or make a damn fool of themselves if they choose.

Second, There is not a tradition of Presidents going into quiet retirement after leaving office. Many Presidents in the modern era have continued to be active politically after leaving office.

George W. Bush – he retired to painting. His last few weeks doing the talk show circuit may indicate he is ready for a more public role though.

Bill Clinton – helping your wife run for Senator and President hardly qualifies as stepping out of politics.

George H. W. Bush – He has been active in non-partisan groups such as Eisenhower Fellowships and the National Constitution Center.

Ronald Reagan – Continued in public life including speaking at the 1992 Republican convention and advocating for several issues including the line item veto, passage of the Brady Bill(gun control), Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget, and repeal of the 22nd Amendment (limiting Presidents to 2 terms).

Jimmy Carter – Carter continued to be active in global diplomacy including in the Mid-East, North Korea, Vietnam, and South America. Some of these efforts were at the behest of the US Government.  Carter has criticized both Republican and Democratic Presidents since leaving office.


It was quite common for earlier Presidents to remain active in political life. John Quincy Adams was elected to the House of Representatives for 9 terms. Andrew Jackson was elected to the Senate. Teddy Roosevelt was the last former President to run unsuccessfully for President. Two other former Presidents, Filmore and van Buren, did as well. Rutherford Hayes became a successful lobbyist for education bills post-presidency.

So please Obama critics, stop with the faux outrage over Obama’s continued political activity. Realize neither the Constitution or history supports your position and move on.


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