What Happened Last Week

Some but far from all of the highlights from the week of 12/11/16

A lone terrorist who had pledged allegiance to ISIS, drove a truck into a crowed Christmas market in Berlin killing 7.  The terrorist was later killed by Italian law enforcement in Milan.

The Russian ambassador to Turkey was murdered at an art show in Istanbul.  The murder appears to be motivated by Russian’s involvement in the siege that has devastated Aleppo, Syria.

The siege of Aleppo, Syria by Syrian and Russian forces ended after 5 years of war and destruction. Syrian government forces now control the city.  Islamic State rebels still control large sections of the surrounding country side.

Trump continues to be very unpopular with the American people despite Trump’s false claims of a tremendous, historic, landslide victory.

Trump tweets continue:

The frenzy leading up to the Holidays continued despite Trumps Twittering.

Watch President Obama and Michelle Obama’s Last Christmas Address From the White House

Happy Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!