Are We Going To Die Sooner?

American life expectancy ticked down by .1 years in the last quarter.   It may not sound like much but how many of us would voluntarily give up 1 month and 14 days of our lives?  Probably not many.

What we should know before panicking: Continue reading “Are We Going To Die Sooner?”

Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

President Elect Trump opened his Wisconsin and Michigan Thank You Rallies by saying “…we are going to say merry Christmas again…”.  Trump is under the mistaken impression that many including Breitbart News, Alan West and many others hold, that President Obama banned federal employees from saying Merry Christmas. debunked the myth last year.  Here’s a skinnied down version of what we should know. Continue reading “Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays”

Trump Poised To Upend UN and Israel/Arab Relations

With little notice by the public, Kellyanne Conway declared moving the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem “a very big priority”.  The impact of this statement may be lost on many Americans but could have dire consequences throughout the Middle East. Continue reading “Trump Poised To Upend UN and Israel/Arab Relations”

Santa Helps A Dying Boy

It’s not often that Santa gets called to fill a dying child’s wish.  This Santa filled the wish and then some, he held the child as he died.  Bless Santa (Eric Schmidt-Matzen) for all he did for this child and finding the courage to continue being Santa.


Trump Baits China – Again

Continuing the theme set in his December 4th tweet storm, President Elect Trump stated on Sunday that the US may not be bound by the One China Policy and laid out his gripes with China during an interview with Fox News: Continue reading “Trump Baits China – Again”

Russians Attempt To Tilt US Election

The CIA is confident that Russians attempted to interfere with the US Presidential election according to undisclosed sources.  Additionally, they have allegedly determined that at some point the culprits decided they wanted to help Donald Trump.  Trump and his transition team’s immediate response was to undermine the CIA and demand that evidence be provided that the Russians’ interference impacted the outcome of the election. Continue reading “Russians Attempt To Tilt US Election”

What Happened This Week

Some but far from all of the highlights from the week of 12/4/16 Continue reading “What Happened This Week”

Constitution Prohibits Trumps Conflicts of Interest


PE Trump and the conflicts of interest his business represent continue to taint the PE’s transition into power.  Trump and his attorneys continually say that the conflict of interest laws that members of congress and others must comply with do not apply to the President.  Trump went so far as to say “The law’s totally on my side, the president can’t have a conflict of interest.” in an interview with the New York Times. Continue reading “Constitution Prohibits Trumps Conflicts of Interest”

How Fat Fuels Cancer

Scientists have known for awhile that if a healthy cell, say from your eye, breaks off and tries to move around the body, it self destructs.  So why can some cancer cells break off a tumor and move through the body and spread cancer in its wake? Continue reading “How Fat Fuels Cancer”

China’s Power Over the US and the World

Ask Americans what they think of China and many will say it is a major culprit that steals US manufacturing jobs by using cheap labor.  Bankers and CEOs may tell you that China manipulates it’s currency to further steal jobs.  President Elect Trump seems to agree with these statements according to some of his latest tweets.  So what should we know about China’s power over the US and the world? Continue reading “China’s Power Over the US and the World”